Shy away with generic, boring looking workspaces filled with people and companies you don’t resonate with. Fed up with the standard fare, we designed and crafted a unique workspace for creatives and rebels with common goals and like minds to come together and make magic happen.

The space is specially crafted for a lively, creative community of professionals. With a selection process in place, you can be sure that we’ll do everything to build and maintain a happy, cohesive environment.

Come book a tour, where it begins on the top three floors of a beautiful XIX century building, located in the heart of Shoreditch. See our breathtaking terraces, fully functional meeting rooms, and work on our custom designed desks and equipment.

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Shoreditch, in the Heart of

Come to one of London’s most alternative, vibrant and artistic areas, world renowned for being a haven for musicians and creatives.
Incredibly well connected to the city, Shoreditch is served by three tube stations, Shoreditch High Street, Old Street, and Liverpool Street.

Old Street
0.2 miles, 4 min walk
Shoreditch High Street
0.3 miles, 5 min walk
Liverpool Street
0.5 miles, 10 min walk

Rivington Street, EC2A

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open plan hot-desks
free water (still and sparkling) and coffee
sleeping pods
two huge terraces
ridiculously-fast internet
an exceptional art and music oriented schedule of events

and a lot more that can’t fit in here!

Plans and Pricing


Our membership gives you access to our space, meeting rooms, community gatherings, events and much more. This is hot desking at its best. Suited for the solo player or the nomadic business travellers who crave a comfortably productive yet sophisticated work space. Enjoy our cafe and lounge area fully furnished with modern and bespoke fixtures.

Memberships start at £449 per month all-inclusive.

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Dedicated Desk

Suited for those who would like a dedicated workspace for teams or just themselves, all members get to enjoy a bespoke rack* exclusive to Salty Commune, designed to be fully functional and comfortable.
*we call our dedicated desks racks, because we specially designed them literally picking off from garages and industrial racks.

Just add £119 per month to your membership.

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Private Office

Sharing is caring, especially when it comes to space. But if you don’t love sharing space, then you might want to think of putting yourself and your team in a cage. Don’t worry, it’s only a fancy name for a private office. As other things in life, they come in different sizes. Choose to house 3 to 15 members in a cage.

Just add £399 per month to your basic membership.

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Rivington Street, EC2A

T: 0203 287 5672


Michele Cuccovillo

T: 0208 123 9755